Das Spiel Ist Aus

concept idea for costume design

A revolutionary leader, Pierre Dumaine, and Eve Charlier, a rich lady of high society (and the wife of a government official), are given a unique chance: to connect, to live, to be free. They get to know each other in the realm of the dead; and, ironically, they get along much better in death than in life. But, as humans do, these newly-infatuated characters long to live together. So they are granted – because of a bureaucratic error(!) – a second change: if they can manage not to doubt their newfound love for 24 hours, they will be permitted the right to an entire human existence. If they fail to overcome their differences, they will die again. It quickly becomes clear that the couple will fail: the differences between the fiery political activist, Pierre, and the passive romantic Eve, are too great for their love to survive.
For me it all started with a rose for Eve and a stone for Pierre.

Screenplay: Jean-Paul Sartre
Music: “Sagt Mir Wo Die Blumen Sind“ Joan Baez